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MDI Unit Fanuc A02B-0120-C051/TAR Fujitsu Keyboard N860-1601-T062


A02B-0120-C051MDI Unit Fanuc A02B-0120-C051/TAR with Fujitsu main keyboard N860-1601-T062 and small 7 button keyboard under the screen. This 9" MONO CRT/MDI unit is sold without A61L-0001-0093 monitor but this can be purchased separately.
There is a bigger picture of the Fanuc Keyboard and the MDI Unit in the technical section below, Click the technical tab to view

NOTE Part is sold with one month warranty but we don't offer warranty on the ON OFF Buttons they may need replacing or have the contact blocks missing. The unit has a couple of scratches/marks which can be seen in the pictures below.

A02B-0120-C051/TAR Technical | A02B0120C051 TAR Photos

Fanuc MDI Unit
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1 Month Warranty

a02b0120c051 tar




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