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A06B-0855-B392#3000 Fanuc Alpha Spindle Motor Model 8


A06B-0855-B392#3000 - POA

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Please phone or email us for availability of this A06B-0855-B392#3000 Fanuc Spindle Motor Alpha 8/8000. Flange Mount, 1500 to 8000 RPM Used on many machine tools including Bridgeport. All Stock Fanuc Spindle Motors carry a warranty and are available for same day dispatch. High Acceleration & High Power, Product Family: Alpha P, Alpha C, Alpha T, Alpha L, Alpha (HV)

A06B-0855-B392#3000 Technical

A06B-0855-B392#3000 Manual

The Fanuc Alpha Series Spindle Motors were a direct mechanical replacements for earlier model GE Fanuc "S" and "P" Series Fanuc ac motors. Mounting dimensions, size, and power cables were the same. The Fanuc Alpha Series Spindle Motors are available with three types of sensors that provide 128/256, 512/1024 or 360,000 PPR. Alpha Spindle Motors offer small size, low weight with foot or flange mounting. need a Fanuc Spindle Amplifier

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