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Fanuc Spindle Amplifier Modules - 6102

Combining this Alpha Spindle Amplifier with the latest control technology enables increased motor performance with multi-functional capability through:

  • Torque - employing high-speed switching power devices and current controls
  • Self-tuning (inertia identification) - load inertia is automatically estimated using adaptive control, simplifying servo adjustment
  • Learning control (preview repetitive control) - by combining this control with adaptive feed-forward, the time required for learning is reduced and changes in the cross-sectional shapes of workpieces can be followed
  • Unexpected torque detection - unexpected load applied to the spindle can be detected, preventing the machine tool from being broken
  • Energy saving - the regenerative Fanuc power supply module returns energy obtained while a servo motor decelerates to the power source, contributing to energy saving

This Fanuc Alpha Spindle Amplifier is available in SVM Type 1, 2, 3 and 4 configurations. See our 6078 page for full details of the SVM types. 6102 replaces A06B-6088 modules. Forward but not reverse compatible.

Fanuc manufacture a wide range of Fanuc Spindle Amplifier Modules and CNC Spares and Repairs are able to supply machine tool spares to help ensure your production line remains efficient and operational. Please see below for details of our current stock and models we can offer our Fanuc Repair Services on. If your spare part isn't listed, give us a call to check availability as we have new stock arriving daily.

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