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Fanuc Servo Motor Part Number Meaning



This page provides information about the ordering specification numbers and types of the FANUC AC Servo Motor αi series.

fanuc motor alpha i

* Omitted in case of #0000.

The following table lists the allowable combinations of numbers represented by symbols in ordering specification numbers:

αiS series (200V)

Fanuc Servo Motor Part Number Meaning

Fanuc Alpha Series (200V) Servo Motor Specification

αiS series (400V) 

Fanuc Motor Code Meaning

Fanuc αiS series (400V) Servo Motor Specification

fanuc motor numbers

For example A06B-0265-B400 would be αiS series servo motor (200V) 22/4000, straight shaft with a 24VDC brake, standard, pulsecoder αiA 1000. Fanuc motor part number breakdown

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