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Bosch PLC Products

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC's) are used to manage digital and analogue inputs and outputs with the programmes controlling machine operation backed up in either a battery or nonvolatile memory format.

Typically used in automated industrial processes, in particular, manufacturing, PLC's provide a low-cost solution to customised systems. Bosch PLCs are able to cope with severe conditions commonly found in manufacturing environments such as dust, moisture and heat along with functionality for numerous input/output (I/O) arrangements. The input/output modules provide a connection between the PLC, sensors and actuators.  Common uses of PLCs are to operate electric motors, magnetic relays, pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders and analogue outputs.

Smaller PLC's have a fixed number of input/output connections, which are built into the unit. Modular PLCs, on the other hand, are housed in chassis' (also known as racks) with a number of modules carrying out different functions. Multiple racks can be operated using a single processor with the capability to hold a vast number of inputs and outputs. Input/output modules can also be mounted directly to machines allowing operators to disconnect cables quickly, reducing time spent wiring and replacing internal components.

We have a wide range of Bosch PLC modules available for sale to buy directly in our online shop, including:

  • CC100
  • Micro 8
  • Bosch Alpha
  • CL300
  • PC400

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