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EUCRON 55-104-650-9872 Encoder 9851

55-104-650-9872 Eucron Rotary Cam Switch


55-104-650-9872Eucron Rotary Cam Switch 55-104-650-9872 with Eucron Encoder 9851 made in Switzerland. Fitted with 3 cam switches. The part number for the full unit is 551046509872. Also called Eucron Position Transducers. Please see the technical tab below for a detailed inside view. 


EUCRON 55-104-650-9872 Technical 551046509872

Eucron Rotary Cam Switch 551046509872
Eucron Rotary Cam Switch 55-104-650-9872
Fitted with Eucron Encoder 9851
Refurbished - Not In Original Box

Eucron Rotary Cam Switch 551046509872

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