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1911-1522-E4809-436-031-A Okuma Memory Card 19111522E4809436031A 

1911-1522-E4809-436-031-AOkuma Memory Card I E4809-436-031-A

This Memory Card fits onto an Okuma Main Card II  E4809-045-091-C

The Okuma control is an OSP5000 this 1911-1522-E4809-436-031-A  memory card and the main card store the control software which is then transferred to the bubble memory once the Okuma control is powered on. We stock the bubble memory cards along with many other Okuma products

You can use the link above to purchase the 1911-1522 E4809-436-031-A or Contact Us with any questions

1911-1522-E4809-436-031-A Technical 19111522E4809436031A

Okuma Memory Card I taken from the Okuma Main Card II




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