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E4809-770-018-B | E4809770018B

E4809-770-018-B Okuma SVPIIB PCB Board E4809770018B


  • Okuma 5000
  • Refurbished
  • Full Warranty

Okuma Opus SVPIIB PCB Board. The E4809-770-018-B is from an Okuma Opus 5000 II Control

The OPS5000 is a multiprocessor CNC system using plural high-performance microprocessors and features architecture capable of coping of high-level NC functions.  

High Reliability is ensured by various kinds of functions such as automatic memory error correction, perfect noise isolation, reduced power consumption and thorough monitoring of CPU power supply, and by structure mounted in the totally enclosed cabinet.

The OSP5000 employs a closed loop system with absolute position feedback. 

The E4809-770-018-B Servo Processor Board II, The circuits interfacing the position encoder, the sensor input, the servo drive unit and position encoder, and the circuit interfacing the measuring devices this is found in the control with the Okuma timing board IIA Larger photo is in the Technical tab.

E4809-770-018-B Technical E4809770018B

Okuma Opus 5000 II
SVP Board II B 


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