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Siemens S5 PLC Spares, Siemens Simatic S5

The Simatic S5 PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) is manufactured by Siemens AG and is used in the control of processing and manufacturing machinery. Whilst no longer being in production by Siemens, the SL5 PLC is still widely used in factories around the world with a large number of automation systems integrators being able to provide support for the platform. The Siemens S5 PLC is the predecessor of the Simatic S7 PLC.

Chassis styles available for the S5 PLC are 90U, 95U, 101U, 100U, 105, 110, 115,115U, 135U, and 155U. Each chassis style has a number of corresponding CPUs available, allowing the variation of speed, memory, and capabilities.

The s5 PLC chassis has a power supply and a backplane offering slots for the addition of various option boards. Additional functionality is available through serial and Ethernet communications, analogue signal processing boards, digital input/output and counter cards, along with specialist interface and function modules. Siemens Simatic S5 Catalogue

Step 5 software is usually installed on the S5 PLC which facilitates the programming, testing, commissioning and documentation of programs. The final software for Step 5 is version 7.2. Alongside Step5, Siemens created a proprietary state logic programming package; Graph5, a sequential programme used on machines that run through a series of discrete steps.

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