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6FM1470-3BA25 Siemens WF470 Video Display

6FM1470-3BA25 Siemens Card 6FM14703BA25


6FM1470-3BA25  WF 470Siemens 6FM1470-3BA25 The Automation of manufacturing equipment cannot completely prevent disruption to the process caused by faults and breakdowns. The efficiency and profitability of a plant are heavily dependant on its availability. It is therefore essential that faults are quickly and accurately located and then displayed to the relevant personnel so that machine downtime is kept to a minimum.
The 6F31470-3BA25 WF 470 is a diagnostics and display system designed for this purpose. It is one part of a range of intelligent peripheral modules which may be used in conjunction with Siemens Simatic S5 programmable controllers. The WF470 module is directly connected to its colour monitor. The module has its own on board micro processor and memory, allowing it to construct, to store and to display process pictures. The 6FM1470-3BA25 can provide information like type of fault, the location of the fault, cause of the fault and remedy of the fault.

6FM1470-3BA25 Technical 6FM14703BA25

6FM1470-3BA25 or 6FM14703BA25
WF 740 Innoviert SW Vers A0.
Video Display
Boxed Surplus
Ident No 70930236 or 70932617



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