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6RB2105-0SG01 Siemens Axis Card

6RB2105-0SG01 Siemens Axis Card 6RB21050SG01


6RB2105-0SG01 Siemens Simodrive Axis Card6RB2105-0SG01 this Siemens Simodrive Card is a three axis unit rated input voltage 165V or 220VDC This 6RB2105-0SG01 forms part of the Siemens Simodrive 210 Transistor DC Chopper for DC Feed Drives Transistor choppers of type 6R2B1 are used in conjunction with Siemens DC Servomotors such as the 1HU series in the range of up to approx 90 Nm for driving the feed axis of machine tools. The 210 Siemens Simodrive is capable of driving 1 to 6 axis ( This 6RB2105-0SG01 card drives three axis) with a maximum of DC Output Voltage of 210V.

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6RB2105-0SG01 Technical 6RB21050SG01

Siemens three axis servo card

Siemens Simodrive 210Vdc feed drive p.c.b power-circuit, 5/15amp
Rated Input voltage 165V or 220VDC
Rate Outpit voltage 0V to 210VDC





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