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A20B-1000-0840 Fanuc 10/11 Monitor Bezel

A20B-1000-0840 Fanuc 10 Monitor Bezel, Fanuc 10 CRT Bezel

A20B-1000-0840 Fanuc 11 Bezel, Fanuc 10 CRT Monitor Bezel frame Surround9 inch Plastic Monitor Bezel Frame Surround A20B-1000-0840 is the part number for the Keyboard at the back of the Fanuc CRT Monitor Bezel Frame (see a technical section for the picture of where it fits). This Bezel is Surplus unused stock it may have a few marks on it. A20B-1000-0840 has 7 soft keys on it. The Fanuc Bezel fits Fanuc 10, Fanuc 11 Control MDI Units including A02B-0076-C128 A02B-0076-C168 A02B-0076-C122 A02B-0076-C121 CRT/MDI Units we also stock Monitors, Power Supplies, A20B-1001-0160 and Fanuc Graphic Cards A20B-1000-0800 and A20B-1000-0802

A20B-1000-0840 Technical A20B10000840

A20B-1000-0840 Fanuc 10/11 Bezel
This part is the Fanuc Bezel which includes the Fanuc PCB and Softkeys
Unused Surplus with marks

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