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Mitsubishi Electric Machine Tool Spares

With their innovative approach to developing solutions for machining systems, Mitsubishi Electric produce CNC's, PLC's, drives and Mitsubishi AC motors that meet business demands whilst at the same time lowering operating costs.  

Mechatronics - the term under which Mitsubishi Electric summarises its EDM systems and CNC controls - stands for the effort of replacing mechanical components by electrical ones in product development. The consistent implementation of this thinking is reflected in the entire area of Mechatronics and is the secret of success for the rapid integration of innovations into products. It is instrumental in securing the uncontested position of leadership in the market.

Mitsubishi Electric succeed for example in implementing a CNC control plus integrated PLC's on a single plug-in card for a PC and in launching the worlds first die-sinking EDM with fuzzy logic control in the market. Based on the "Theory of Imprecision" (fuzzy logic) Mitsubishi Electric has achieved significantly improved quality results.

In 1956 Mitsubishi Electric began the development of controls for machine tools. A continuous expansion of its know-how and the consistent development of innovative technologies in the areas of open control systems and digital drive concepts have made Mitsubishi Electric a reliable partner of world leaders in machine tool design like TRAUB and MAZAK.


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