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General-Electric GE1050, GE2000 Spares

general electric mark century CNC machine tool spare parts GE2000, GE1050, GE HI-AKDuring the 1800's Thomas Edison held an interest in many electricity-related companies: Edison Lamp Company, Edison Machine Works, Bergmann & Company and Edison Electric Light Company. These four companies merged in 1889. A subsequent merger took place with Edison General Electric Company to form The General Electric Company which remains in place today. Further acquisitions have taken place involving RSA, Smiths Aerospace, Hydril Pressure & Control. In 1986, Fanuc partnered with GE to form GE Fanuc.  This merger ended Fanuc's partnership with Siemens, thereby ending General Numeric and sales of the GE2000 CNC control. 

Since its formation, General Electric has been responsible for the development of a number of innovative, groundbreaking products from the first electric waste disposal system to the jet engine right up to the modern day electric vehicle charging stations.

General Electric Mark Century GE2000 control spare parts

General Electric Mark Century GE1050 control parts HLX, HL, HMC, MC and 1050T

General Electric HI-AK DC drives and servo motors

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