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Control Techniques Spare Parts

control techniques spare partsControl Techniques History Originally formed in 1973 under the name of KTK, the company first launched its range of DC thyristor drives designed for industrial applications.

KTK became Control Techniques in 1985, successfully launching the Commander AC Digital Drive and Mentor, the world’s first Digital DC Drive in its first year.  Since then, Control Techniques have acquired a global presence with an increased product range including Unidrive in 1995, the world’s first universal AC Drive and the same year, became part of Emerson Electric Co. The company focused on investment in research and development and this dedication to design and innovation remains the case today.

With access to worldwide manufacturing and design facilities, Control Techniques are able to create AC, DC and servo drive solutions for use in industrial equipment, manufacturing and high-efficiency conversion systems for renewable energy applications.

Control Techniques Products - limited stock available

DutymAx (DS) Motor Having been designed as a vital element in Control Techniques motion controls and servo drives, DutymAx (DS) Motors are available as a standalone component. Renowned for it skills in design and manufacture of rotating components, Control Techniques can offer a range of components that are of high quality, with sophisticated design alongside ISO9001 certification. DutymAx servo motors provide excellent power to size ratio with the optimal dynamic response, using the superior design of a magnetic circuit within the motor, high energy rare earth magnets, and a low inertia laminated rotor with high slot fill stator. Being mounted directly onto the motor, the shaft resolver offers a robust and accurate measuring system for speed and position signals which will suit most drives and control system requirements. DutymAx (DS) Motors are available in four frame sizes, 75, 95, 115 and 142 mm square body.

Matador DC Servomotor These servomotors feature dynamic performance coupled with smooth running at low speed, whilst also having compact dimensions. High commutating power enables acceleration requirements to be met without limiting the current at upper torque and speed values. By having a demagnetizing current set higher than the current limit of the drives, this provides assurance that safe operation can be obtained for any duty cycle. Features include an integrated DC tachogenerator on the rear end shaft with oversized, maintenance-free bearings and a sideways locked output shaft bearing which avoids end float.

Control Techniques FNC5 Control Spare Parts - limited stock available

Contol Techniques DutymAx (DS) Motor Specification

Control Techniques Matador DC Servo Motor Datasheet

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