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Since it was founded in 1914, SEM LIMITED (formerly Small Electric Motors Limited) has established itself as a world class designer and manufacturer of AC permanent magnet servomotors, synchronous servomotors, spindle motors, machine tool axis motors and high power density water cooled traction motors.

In March 1974 the company became a subsidiary of the Bullough Group of companies, a holding company for around 30 subsidiaries engaged in various light engineering activities from Office Furniture manufacturing to DC Electric Motors.

With over 100 years of experience in designing rotating electrical equipment and a strong focus on producing consistent quality, high performance using SEM products will give you the confidence you have chosen the right motor for your application. MT Motors with Heidenhain ERO Encoders have been used on older Bridgeport Machine Tools incorporating Bosch DC Drives. In the early 1990's, Pennine Automation was solely responsible for the installation of Norwin Drives on both XYZ machines and Ajax Machine Tools.

In having the ability to produce both standard and custom designs to suit the most demanding of applications, SEM is well positioned to remain a key provider of motors both today and in the future.

The list below show a selection of available SEM Motors stocked.  If you can't find the product listed, please call us to check availability.

SEM DC Motors MT30, MT52 Also DBMT52 (double brushed)

They can be shipped for delivery the next day in the UK and most parts of Europe. 

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