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Alleallen bradley sparesn-Bradley History The Compression Rheostat Company was founded in 1903 by Dr Stanton Allen and Lynde Bradley, before being renamed as the Allen-Bradley Company in 1910. In 1985, Rockwell International purchased Allen-Bradley and when Rockwell split into two companies in 2002, Allen-Bradley moved into the Rockwell Automation Division.

Now a brand name of Factory Automation Equipment produced by Rockwell Automation, Allen-Bradley manufactures programmable logic controllers (PLC), human-machine interfaces, sensors, safety components and systems, drive systems, motor control centres, and systems made of these and similar products.

The 8600 GP FAST is made up of two basic assemblies: a workstation and a processor unit.  The workstation, which is the main man-machine interface, comes in two versions: a rack-mountable module with 9" monochrome CRT and alphanumeric keyboard and a desktop module with 14" monochrome CRT, alphanumeric and built-in magnetic cassette unit.  The control can operate even if the workstation has been disconnected or replaced by an abridged console.

The processor unit comes in four versions, adaptable to increasing levels of complexity:

  • 8601 GP compact 1-board 4-axis version
  • 8605 GP with a 5 slot processor rack
  • 8610 GP with a 10 slot processor rack
  • 8650 GP with a 20 slot processor rack

Multi-board version is supplied with a basic set of boards that include: the system CPU (with 80286 processor and 80287 mathematical co-processor), user memory and the workstation interface. The basic configuration also includes a standard RS 232 serial line.  Standard with the Osai 8610 and 8650 GP is a second RS 232 serial line or a current loop. 

CNC Spares specialises in the supply of refurbished Allen-Bradley 7300, 8200, 8400, 8605, 8610, 8650 and OSAI A-B 8600 control spares.

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