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FANUC is an acronym for Factory automation numerical control

FANUC is a group of companies, principally FANUC Corporation of Japan,

Fanuc America Corporation of Rochester Hills, Michigan, USA, and

FANUC Robotics Europe SA of Luxembourg,

Provide automation products and services such as robotics and computer numerical control systems.

FANUC is one of the largest makers of industrial robots in the world.

FANUC had its beginnings as part of Fujitsu developing early numerical control (NC) and servo systems.

In 1972, the Computing Control Division became independent and FANUC Ltd was established.

FANUC has joint ventures, subsidiaries, and sales offices on 5 continents and over 22 countries also uk.

It is one of the largest makers of CNC controls by market share and is the leading global manufacturer of factory automation systems.

FANUC CORPORATION is a Japan-based manufacturing company mainly engaged in the provision of factory automation (FA) machinery. The Company operates in three business divisions. The FA division is engaged in the development, manufacture, sale, and maintenance of FA products, such as computer numeric control (CNC) systems and laser products. The Robot division is engaged in the development, manufacture, sale, and maintenance of robotic products. The Robot Machine division is engaged in the development, manufacture, sale, and maintenance of robodrill, roboshot, robocut and robonano products.

FANUC's businesses were founded in 1956 when it started to develop numerical controls (NCs) and servo systems.

Since its founding, FANUK has always emphasized research and development in its management.

Today, FANUC is the leading global manufacturer of factory automation, with more than 2.4 million CNCs and 250.000 yellow industrial robots installed worldwide. The company is stronger than ever.


1976 General Numeric

1977 GE Fanuc

1986 FANUC CNC America

Fanuc NC / CNC Controls

1960 Fanuc 220

1975 Fanuc 2000/3000 C Series

1976 Fanuc System 5 CNC

1980 Fanuc System 6A CNC

1982 Fanuc System 6B CNC first used 14" Fanuc Monitor A61L-0001-0074

1984 Fanuc System 6B-2 CNC

1980 Fanuc System 3MA CNC

1982 Fanuc System 3TD CNC / Powermate

1984 Fanuc System 10, 11, 12 CNC

1985 Fanuc 0A CNC

1987 Fanuc 15A CNC

1988 Fanuc 0B CNC

1990 Fanuc 0C, 16A, 18A, 20A, 21A CNC

1991 Fanuc 15B CNC

1992 Fanuc 0i-A CNC

1994 Fanuc 16B, 18B, 20B, 21B CNC

1996 Fanuc 0i-B CNC

1998 Fanuc 15iA, 16i-A, 18i-A, 20i-A, 21i-A CNC

2000 Fanuc 0i-C CNC

2004 Fanuc 30i, 31i, 32i CNC

2005 Fanuc 15iB, 16i-B, 18i-B, 20i-B, 21i-B CNC

2008 Fanuc 0i-D CNC

Fanuc Servo Motors

1974 DC Servo – Gettys Mfg Black Cap

1980 DC Servo – Gettys Mfg Yellow Cap

1982 AC Servo – Analog

1986 AC Servo – Digital

Fanuc Spindle Motors

1977 DC Spindles

1981 AC Fanuc Analog Spindles

1986 AC Digital Spindles

FANUC NC controllers

Control / device naming conventions

Each generation of FANUK numerical control system has different levels of device control capabilities, and these are generally referred to by a model or series number.

Each controller model is typically available with several device control capabilities, depending on what software functions are licensed for use on that device. Some common control capabilities are:

M - Milling

T - Turning (lathe)

TT - Twin Turret

P - Punch press

G - Grinding

Within each model name, there can also be generational updates for each model, usually indicated by a trailing letter.

Model 0 is somewhat unusual in that both the number zero and the letter O are used interchangeably to indicate the model.

There is no specific syntax for distinguishing the model from the device type and series, with spaces or dashes or slashes, which can result in difficulty searching for information, fanuc parts, and service for this equipment. For example, in the FANUC-0 series, these are all valid identifications for various types of NC controls and machines

NC controller capabilities

When separate computer-aided manufacturing software is used to control these different systems, the model differences can be used to tell the manufacturing software how to more efficiently use the system programming capabilities. Some

FANUC develops high-quality products featuring "intelligence", "ultra-precision" and "high functionality while adhering to its basic policy of "high reliability" in product development.

One-third of FANUC Japan employees in research and development of FANUC’s leading-edge products.

All FANUC products are developed and produced in Japan. This is possible thanks to the full robotizzation and automation of the production lines.

FANUC incorporates broad robotization into all manufacturing activities, with more than 1,000 robots now operating at FANUC factories. FANUC is also rapidly installing intelligent robots to enhance the efficiency of its machining and assembly processes, promoting the increased technical and financial benefits of advanced automation at its own factories. By making the most of its vast experience in using its latest advanced products at its own production facilities, FANUC has demonstrated that automation and robotization bring high efficiency and cost reductions to manufacturing and production processes.

FANUC’s Business is structured around 3 branches:

CNC & Laser

Industrial robots

Robomachine: Robodrill, Roboshot and Robocut

Fanuc Group is worldwide established. As main overseas companies, the group has 14 companies in Asia, 4 in Americas, 21 in Europe (including Russia) and 1 in South Africa.

In 2009, FANUC Group is the 308th largest company in the world according to the global ranking list of the 500 world’s biggest companies published by the Financial Times, and which ranks the companies by market capitalization. xml

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