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Fanuc Alpha Servo Amplifier Module - 6079

fanuc alpha servo amplifier moduleFanuc Alpha Servo Amplifier Module 6079 type.
A/B interface SVM-1 Single axis, SVM-2 Twin axis and SVM-3 Triple axis. Fanuc Alpha Servo Amplifier Module, we can offer full sales, support, fanuc repair and testing. Currently, we have 23 different A06B-6079 drives in stock.
The PWM interface utilizes the standard GE Fanuc Servo communication protocol. Position, Velocity, and current feedback are communicated serially between the controller and the amplifier. The Alpha amplifier is able to communicate with a wide variety of controllers via this digital interface. These include the Power Mate, Series OC, 18 and 21 GE Fanuc CNC Systems.
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