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Servo Amplifier Module Fanuc Ltd Yamanashi

The GE Fanuc high-performance Alpha Series digital AC Servo Drives are 3 axis and available in a range of sizes for use with GE Fanuc CNC Power Mates and Fanuc Series 90-30 PLC controllers. These Fanuc Servo Amplifier Module Units enable the highest possible resistance Type B serial-encoder feedback, further supporting machine uptime.  

Order specification Wiring board specification P.C.B specification
A06B–6080–H301 A16B–2202–0500 A20B–2001–0760
A06B–6080–H302 A16B–2202–0501 A20B–2001–0760
A06B–6080–H303 A16B–2202–0502 A20B–2001–0760
A06B–6080–H304 A16B–2202–0503 A20B–2001–0760
A06B–6080–H305 A16B–2202–0504 A20B–2001–0760
A06B–6080–H306 A16B–2202–0505 A20B–2001–0760
A06B–6080–H307 A16B–2202–0506 A20B–2001–0760

A06B-6080-H302 A06B-6080-H303 A06B-6080-H304 A06B-6080-H305
A06B-6080-H306 A06B-6080-H307 A06B-6080-H301

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