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Alpha servo amplifier unit Fanuc - 6090

a06b-6090The Fanuc Alpha A06B-6090 servo amplifier units are a high precision servo drive capable of driving single or twin axis. 
The single axis model has the designation SVUC-1 and the twin axis model SVUC-2 .
Fanuc A06B-6090-Hxx controls Fanuc Alpha Servo Motor's under a closed loop situation with the information been fed back to the Fanuc Control via the Fanuc CNC with a user interface. 
These Fanuc drives are switchable between Type A control and Type B control depending on the type of Fanuc Control that is been used. 
The drives are very easy to fit and designed to be replaced easily to minimise any downtime your machine may experience and to be as user friendly as possible.
Alarms are displayed via the 7 segment LED on the front of the display, We can offer full support on your alarm displayed and use this information to your advantage to get you back up and running. Please contact us with any enquiries or questions you may have


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