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Fanuc Alarm Codes

Fanuc Alarm Codes

Wondering what that 8.(dot)alarm is on your Fanuc Servo Drive, This blog will help with your troubleshooting on your Fanuc Servo, Spindle and Power supplies, Alpha drive and older systems

Below is a Fanuc alarm code list of Fanuc parts, We can repair most alarms or offer a service exchange part to get your machine back up and running as quickly as possible, If you need any help please call 07568431113

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Fanuc Alpha Servo Drives
Fanuc Alpha Spinde Drives
Fanuc Alpha Power Supply
Fanuc Servo Drives, 6050, 6057, 6058
Fanuc C Series Drives, 6066, 6089, 6090

fanuc alarm codes

Fanuc Alpha Servo Drives Alarm Codes A06B-6079-H, A06B-6096-H, etc

Alarm Code Fault Remedy
Not Ready Drive is Good
0 Control Ready Drive is Good
1 Internal Fan Stopped Replace/Repair Servo Drive
2 Low control power voltage alarm (LV) Replace/Repair Servo Drive
3 Low DC link voltage alarm (LVDC) Check Alpha Power Supply for Alarm
4 Regenerative dis-charge control circuit failure alarm (DCSW) Replace/Repair Servo Drive
5 Over-regenerative discharge alarm (DCOH) Replace/Repair Servo Drive
6 L-and M-axis over-current alarm (HCLM) Servo Drive or Motor Fault
6. Dot L-and M-axis IPM alarm (IPMLM) Replace/Repair Servo Drive
7 Dynamic brake circuit failure alarm (DBRLY) Replace/Repair Servo Drive
8 L-axis over-current alarm (HCL) Servo Drive or Motor Fault
8. Dot L-axis IPM alarm (IPML) Replace/Repair Servo Drive
9 M-axis over-current alarm (HCM) Servo Drive or Motor Fault
9. Dot M-axis IPM alarm (IPMM) Replace/Repair Servo Drive
A N-axis over-current alarm (HCN) Servo Drive or Motor Fault
A. Dot N-axis IPM alarm (IPMN) Replace/Repair Servo Drive

Fanuc Alpha Spindle Drives Alarm Codes A6B-6082-H, A06B-6088-H, etc

Alarm Code Fault
-- Not Ready
00 Control Ready
01 Motor Overheat
02 Excess Speed Deviation
03 Fuse on DC Link Blown
04 Input Fuse Blown
05 Control Power Supply Fuse Blown
06 Overspeed (Analog) (Temperature Sensor Disconnected)
07 Overspeed (Digital)
08 High 24v Input Voltage
09 Overheat Power Semiconductors
10 Low 15v Input Voltage
11 DC Link High Voltage
12 DC Link Overcurrent
13 Data Memory Fault CPU
14 Defective ROM
15 Defective Optional Circuit
16 NVRAM Fault
17 NVRAM Checksum Fault
18 ROM Checksum Fault
19 IU Offset Current Alarm
20 IV Offset Current Alarm
21 VCMD Offset Alarm (Position Sensor Polarity Setting Incorrect)
22 TSA Offset Alarm
23 ER Offset Alarm
24 Serial Transfer Data Error
25 Serial Transfer Stop
26 C Velocity Detector Disconnected
27 Position Coder Disconnected
28 C Position Detector Disconnected
29 Short Period Overload
30 Overcurrent Power Circuit
31 Motor Lock or V Signal Lost
32 Serial communication LSI RAM Error
33 DC Link Pre Charge Failure
34 Parameter Setting Error
35 Gear Ratio Parameter Error
36 Error Counter Overflow
37 Speed Detector Parameter Error
39 One Rotation Cs Signal Error
40 Cs One Rotation Signal Detection Error
41 Position Coder One Rotation Signal Detection Error
42 One Rotation Position Coder Detected Error
43 Disconnected PC for DIF. SP. MOD.
44 Control Circuit AD Error
46 Thread Cutting One Rotation Position Coder Alarm
47 Position Coder Signal Abnormal
49 High Conversion DIF. SPEED
50 Excessive speed command calculation value during spindle synchronization
51 Low Volt DC Link
52 ITP Signal Abnormal 1
53 ITP Signal Abnormal 2
54 Current Overload Alarm
55 Abnormal Switching Status of Power Leads
56 Inner Fanuc Cooling Fan Stopped
57 Excessive Deceleration Power
58 Overload in Fanuc Power Supply Module
59 Cooling Fan Stopped in PSM
66 Communication alarm between spindle and amplifier
69 Safety speed exceeded
70 Abnormal axis data
71 Abnormal safety parameter
72 Motor speed mismatch
73 Motor sensor disconnected
74 CPU test alarm
75 CRC test alarm
76 Safety function not executed
77 Axis number mismatch
78 Safety parameter mismatch
79 Abnormal initial test operation
81 Motor sensor one-rotation signal detection error
82 Motor sensor one-rotation signal not detected
83 Motor sensor signal error
84 Spindle sensor disconnected
85 Spindle sensor one-rotation signal detection error
86 Spindle sensor one-rotation signal not detected
87 Spindle sensor signal error
88 Cooling fan stopped of the radiator
A0 Program ROM error
A1 Program ROM error
A2 Program ROM error
b0 Communication error between amplifier and module
b1 6 Converter control power supply low voltage
b2 8 Converter excessive regenerative power
b3 A Converter cooling fan stopped of the radiator
C0 Communication data alarm
C1 Communication data alarm
C2 Communication data alarm
C3 Spindle switching circuit error

Fanuc Alpha Power Supplies Alarm Codes A06B-6087-H, A06B-6077-H, etc

Alarm Code Fault
01Overcurrent in the Main Power Module
02Cooling Fan Stopped
03The temperature of the main circuit heat sink has risen abnormally
04The DC Voltage has dropped
05The main Capacitor was not recharged within the specified time
06The Input Power Supply is Abnormal
07In the main circuit the DC Voltage is abnormally high

Fanuc Alarm Codes for the Fanuc AC Servo Dives, A0BB-6050-H, A06B-6057-H, A06B-6058-H etc

Alarm Code Fault
HV High Voltage Alarm
HC High Current Alarm
LV Low Voltage Alarm
OVC Overcurrent Alarm
TG Tacho Generator Loss
DC Discharge Alarm

Fanuc Alarm Codes for the Fanuc C Series Servo Dives, A0BB-6066-H, A06B-6089-H, A06B-6089-H etc

Alarm Code Fault
1 (HV) DC link over voltage alarm
2 (LV) Low control power voltage alarm
3 (LVDC) Low DC link voltage
4 (DCSW) Regenerative discharge control circuit failure alarm
5 (DCOH) Over-Regenerative discharge alarm
7 DBRLY) Dynamic brake circuit failure alarm
8 (HCL) L axis over- current alarm
8 DOT (IPML) L axis IPM alarm
9 (HCM) M axis over- current alarm
9 DOT (IPMM) M axis IPM alarm
b (HCLM) L, M axis over-current alarm
b DOT (IPMLM) L, M axis IPM alarm

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