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A06B-6066-H244 Servo Amplifier Fanuc C Series

A06B-6066-H244 - POA

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Fanuc uk Spare Parts availability like this A06B-6066-H244 is paramount to the service we dedicate to you to get your machine up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible. All ac servo amplifiers fanuc carry a Warranty and have been tested in house with fanuc servo motors by our Fanuc electronics engineers. Main fanuc circuit board for this drive A20B-1004-0860

A06B-6066-H244 Technical

A06B-6066-H244 Next Fanuk drive in this series A06B-6066-H246

H244 Runs motors 4-0S, 3-0S, 0-0S, 5S, OT/3000, 10S, 5T/2000 and 10T/2000
Fanuc servo amplifier PWM control signal is fed to a separate servo amplifier C Series, whitch amplifies this PWM control signal to the required power level for the fanuc ac servo motor. the driving motor current from the amplifier and the motor position data and velocity data passes from the fanuc pulse coder, are fed back from the CNC Control.

Alarm Code Fault


(HV) DC link over voltage alarm


(LV) Low control power voltage alarm


(LVDC) Low DC link voltage


(DCSW) Regenerative discharge control circuit failure alarm


(DCOH) Over-Regenerative discharge alarm


(DBRLY) Dynamic brake circuit failure alarm


(HCL) L axis over- current alarm


(IPML) L axis IPM alarm


(HCM) M axis over- current alarm


(IPMM) M axis IPM alarm


(HCLM) L, M axis over-current alarm


(IPMLM) L, M axis IPM alarm

Shipping Details

Find and order Fanuc CNC machine spares with just a few clicks from wherever you are. Same or next day service on stock. NEW & Obsolete Fanuc. Also Repair fanuc and Fanuc support for CNC products we sell.

UK Shipments, We can offer same day delivery and timed next day deliveries to most places in the UK, This is just a small list of places included. Newcastle, Sunderland, Barrow, Carlisle, York, Bradford, Leeds, Huddersfield, Huddersfield, Manchester, Swindon, Sheffield, Hull, Lincoln, Chester, Stoke, Nottingham, Norwich, Birmingham, Coventry, London, Northampton, Oxford, Dover, Portsmouth, Southampton, Liverpool, Bournemouth, Torquay, Plymouth, Newquay, Bristol, Ruislip, Middlesex, Scotland, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stafford, Swansea, Cumbria, Cardiff, Lincolnshire, Yorkshire

Most Fanuc European Locations, We can offer next day delivery to following locations in Europe.
We also may be able to offer a before 12pm Service (dependant on loaction).
Austria, Belgium, Czezh Republic, Denmark, Deutschland, Dublin, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden.

Rest of the World and European destinations, 1-2 days estimated shipment.
United States, Canada, Mexico, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Crete, Estonia, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Switzerland, Portugal, Norway, Albania, Bosnia, Belarus, Croatia, Montenegro, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine

Rest of the World 2-4 Day estimated shipment.
Australia, New Zeland, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Philipines, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, The Middle East, Africa, Central America and the Caribbean.

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