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Fanuc DC Velocity Control Unit - 6047

Fanuc DC Velocity control units. For Yellow cap Fanuc DC Motors (M Series) The DC Drives can be found on Fanuc System 3, 5, 6 and early 10 analogue and 11 Fanuc controls. Fanuc DC Servo Motor series consisted of 24 motors and 12 Fanuc DC Velocity control units single and twin varients including low inertia series for high frequency positioning with PWM drive, medium inertia series with PWM drive, and high inertia series with thyristor drive. This allows selection of the most suitable model for any size of machine tool. Fanuc DC Servo Motor series is a permanent magnet type DC motor specially developed and designed for machine tools. These motors have speed torque characteristics suitable both for high speed in the rapid traverse range and for heavy cutting in the low speed range. These motors can withstand heavy overload conditions in spite of their small size and light weight. The motors were driven with the below Fanuc Velocity control units.

We can supply on Service Exchange add Outright Sale, We also offer a test and repair service. and offer boards such as A20B-0009-0320 single axis and A16B-1200-0230 dual axis.

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