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PT.SQM8-04 Hitachi Seiki interface io board PTSQM804


PT.SQM8-04 Hitachi Seiki micon 8 PLC CPU board. Micon 8 is designed as the sequence controller for the machine tools, especially N/C Turning center and machining center by Hitachi Seiki's micro computing engineering. CPU is a Z-80 microprocessor, PT SQM8-04 diagnostic functions through keyboard and display are increased to assure quick and easy maintenance.  A machine is controlled by 2 programs, named control program and sequence program which are stored in the memory of Micon 8. The programming language of the control program is the assembler of Z-80 microprocessor, The programming language of the sequence program which is interpreted to assembler by of control program is developed by Hitachi Seiki to make machine control program easy. PTSQM804 available in stock for fast shipment. Word Size: 8 Bits, Instructions: 158, Addressable Memories 64K

PT.SQM8-04 Technical | PTSQM804 Picture


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ptsqm804, PT SQM8-04

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