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Miscellaneous PLC Spares - Manufacturers

Programmable Logic Controllers or PLC's as they're more commonly known are computers used in the automation of industrial electromechanical processes; for example factory assembly lines, light fixtures or milling machines. A PLC works by arranging multiple inputs and outputs, with functionality including sequential relay control, motion and process control, distributed control systems and networking.

There are four basic steps in the operation of PLCs; Input Scan, Program Scan, Output Scan, and Housekeeping. These steps continually take place in a repeating loop.

There are four stages of PLC operation:

1. Input Scan - this process detects the state of all input devices connected to the controller.

2. Program Scan - which executes the program

3. Output Scan - when the output devices connected to the PLC are energized or de-energized

4. Housekeeping - the process of communicating with programming terminals using internal diagnostic functionality

A wide number of companies manufacture PLC's and CNC Spares are able to supply legacy parts to help ensure your production line remains efficient and operational. Please see below for details of our current miscellaneous PLC stock for PLC parts not listed in the main manufacturers pages. Also see Fanuc PLC, Siemens S5 and Bosch PLC modules pages If your spare part isn't listed, give us a call to check availability as we have new stock arriving daily.

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