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Siemens CNC Spares - Siemens Control Parts

We are able to supply new, refurbished and second user Siemens Control Spares, with UK stock available for next day delivery.

A selection of the automation parts available is listed below, including the following ranges

Sinumerik 3 Series - The Sinumerik System 3 comprises a number of microprocessor CNC unit controls for various technological applications. Owing to the use of modern LSI electronic components, the units are compact and can be integrated into the machine tools.

Sinumerik 3G is a CNC continuous path control for grinding machines. The user programs can be created either with the aid of a central computer or, in the case of simple workpieces. at shopfloor level. This increases manufacturing flexibility and reduces machine costs. The programmable operator prompting facility helps the shopfloor user to avoid mistakes when programming and prevents damage to workpiece and machine by providing a visual check on the Control CRT display. Integration of the programmable interface control provides a self-contained complete control concept with high flexibility for adaptation to the machine tool.

Siemens Sinumerik 3M - The Sinumerik 3M is a numerical control for which user programs for uncomplicated parts can be generated decentralised on the shop floor. This adds benefit to production by reducing the cost of utilising an NC boring and milling machine whilst increasing output.

Sinumerik 810 Control - The Sinumerik 810 was developed to provide simple and economical solutions for machining on lathes.  Coming equipped with comprehensive basic functions; such as high traversing speed, leadscrew and backlash compensation, simultaneous programming by channel switchover and rapid programming using softkeys. Also featuring an integrated PLC which allows the use of structured programming with STEP 5, decoded static and dynamic auxiliary functions, and Sinumerik and Simatic input/output modules. The 810 is a flexible control with powerful NC programming commands, allowing program branches, data transfer for reading and loading NC machine data, PLC machine data, setting tool, tool compensations and zero offsets, square root calculations and NC specific functions to modify machine reference points and to create user programmable cycles. 

Sinumeric System 6 is a low-cost CNC continuous path control for boring and milling operations and can be supplied as a cubicle type control or in component form for freestanding installation or for mounting to the machine incorporating the most frequently employed functions. An additional option of a basic control with complete feed drives is available. With extremely short acceleration and deceleration times and short cycle times as a result of complete part programs storage.

System 7T and M control spare parts available

Siemens System 8 spare parts available for Sprint T and M Controls. The Sinumerik System 8 comprises a number of microprocessor CNC component system controls for diverse technological areas of application. Modern, highly integrated electronic circuits enable the design of compact components, which can be integrated into the construction of the machine tools. The integration of the programmable interface controllers results in a complete total control concept of high flexibility for matching to the machine tool. The Sinumerik Sprint 8M is a control with functions corresponding to those of a computerised part programmer. The part programs can be generated decentrally on the shop floor. Thus the cost of employing an NC boring and milling machine is reduced and the flexibility of the production is increased.

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