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MDS-A-SPJ-55 Mitsubishi Spindle Drive Unit 


MDS-A-SPJ-55MDS-A-SPJ-55 Mitsubishi Spindle Drive Unit 

MDSASPJ55 Has a power rating of 5.5KW, Input Voltage 200-230v 50/60HZ
This MDS-A-SPJ type Spindle Drive is found in the electrical cabinet along side the Mitsubishi Servo Drives, Mitsubish Power Supply and the battery unit, They are all daisy chained back to the Mitsubishi NC Control. The MDS-A-SPJ-55 has a LED display for any alarms for easy fault diagnostic.

MDS-A-SPJ-55 Technical MDSASPJ55

Power 5.5KW
Input 200-230VAC 50/60HZ


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