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TGF-2100-02A Inland Tacho TGF210002A

Inland Tacho Commutator TGF-2100-02A with 7818 brush ring TGF210002A and Rotor 78H446-39

TGF-2100-02ATGF-2100-02A Specification 18.9V/Krpm. 0.625" Bore. Used on Inland and Servomac DC Motors such as models TT-293X, 294X, 450X, 530X, 580X, 950X
A Tacho is fitted with permanent magnets in the stator which will create a magnetic field. An amplitude continuous voltage proportional to the speed, depending on the rotation direction is generated in the wound rotor.
You can see a big picture of the three components if you click on the technical tab below.

TGF-2100-02A Technical | TGF210002A Photos

TGF-2100-02A Inland Tacho Commutator with 7818 brush ring TGF210002A and Rotor 78H446-39
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