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Fanuc Spindle Motor

fanuc spindle motor

Fanuc Digital AC Spindle Motor models P and S Series provide powerful, high-speed cutting for a wide range of applications and delivered world-class precision and fidelity in contouring and orient modes. Low vibration, built-in fanuc spindle motors deliver higher performance and improved surface finish for high-speed cutting applications. See Also Fanuc Spindle Drives

Fanuc Alpha AC Spindle Motors constant power even at high speed and can be accelerated quickly, by designing optimum winding and using effective cooling structure. Motors came in A, AP, AC and AL Series including preview control and HRV control. The Alpha C family of spindle motors provides a very economical solution where variable speed control is required. These incorporate sensorless velocity control, which eliminates the encoder, yet provided percent speed regulation. See Also Fanuc Alpha Spindle Drives

Fanuc Alpha i AC Spindle Motors have been designed to provide a wide constant power range. The hp rating remains constant from base speed to maximum speed. This produces faster acceleration and deceleration. Airflow design provides better motor cooling. In addition, air direction can be changed in the field with a fan kit. Some stock Fanuc Spindle motor models below 

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