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Fanuc Spindle Amplifiers - 6088

Fanuc Spindle Amplifiers serial Alpha AC Drives, proven on hundreds of thousands of machines installed worldwide, offer the highest reliability and performance. They were specifically developed for CNC machine tool applications. The Alpha Series Fanuc Spindle Amplifiers are part of a family of Fanuc drive systems that offer convenience, operating economy, and high performance. The Alpha Series Drive offers space savings, weight reduction and energy savings over previous GE Fanuc designs.

The Fanuc Alpha Module design uses a common power supply to produce the DC power that feeds both servo and Fanuc spindle amplifiers. This eliminates redundant power supply capacity. They were available in a broad range of sizes for use with GE Fanuc CNCs and Power Mate motion control systems. The A06B-6088-H### was later replaced with A06B-6102-H###Click on part number below

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