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E4809-045-091-C | E4809045091C

E4809-045-091-C Okuma MIIB-0


Okuma E4809-045-091-C Main Board II B

The CPU Unit is the central controller of the Okuma OSP5000 and of the multi-processor structure consisting of plural processors.
The Standard unit consists of five boards and cards annexed to the Boards as follows:

1) Main Board II: Main Processor Board
    Bubble Card: Bubble Memory
    Main Card 2-II: PTR
2) CRP Board-II: Panel
3) Timing Control Board
4) Servo Processor Board
5) EC Board input/ Output

The E4809-045-091-C Main Processor Board consists of the main processor which controls the IC memories, Bubble memory, Slave Processors and Interface Circuits and IC Memories which store the control software for controlling the processor. The Control software stored in IC memories is transferred to the bubble memory when power is turned on.

The Okuma E4809045091C has been fully tested and ships with full warranty

E4809-045-091-C Technical E4809045091C

Okuma Opus 5000 II
Okuma Main Board 2

E4809-045-091-C Okuma Main Board II

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