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For Sale Fanuc Spindle Amplifiers - 6078

Fanuc and GE Fanuc Spindle Amplifiers SPM A06B-6078 We can offer full sales, support, Fanuc repair services and testing. currently, we have 9 different A06B-6078 drives in stock none stock SPM Spindle amplifiers can be repaired in 24 Hours or less. Also, fan unit type A06B-6078-K002. This model was superseded with A06B-6102 Alternative to Fanuc OEM large UK Stock

Spindle Amplifier Module (SPM) Ordering numbers depend on the detectors being used (function).

Type 1 (standard specifications) 

Detectors used: 1. M sensor, position coder, the magnetic sensor (for orientation). 2. MZ sensor, BZ sensor (built-in motor)

Type 2 (specifications for Cs-axis contouring control or BZ (spindle) sensor)

Applicable detectors: 1. M sensor + BZ sensor (using position coder signals only). 2. High-resolution magnetic pulse coder (for motors only). 3. High-resolution magnetic pulse coder (for motors and spindles). 4. High-resolution position coder + high-resolution magnetic pulse coder (for motors only)

Type 3 (specifications for spindle switching control or differential speed control)

Applicable detectors: 1. Spindle switching control (switching the speed only, or switching both the speed and position). 2. Differential speed control (input circuit for Fanuc position coder signals) 

Type 4 (high-resolution internal circuit incorporation specification)

The function used: 1. Alpha spindle sensor Cs contour control

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