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Miscellaneous Servo Drives, Servo Motors

Servo Drives are electronic amplifiers used to power electric servomechanisms. A servo drive works by receiving a command signal from a control system, which is then transmitted via an electrical current to a servo motor thereby producing motion proportional to the original command signal. Whilst the command signal typically represents the desired velocity, it can also represent torque or position. During the operational function applied, the servo motor reports the motor's actual status back to the servo drive. The servo drive then checks the actual motor status against the original command, if any deviation is identified the drive alters the pulse width or voltage frequency to match the original command.

Servo Motors are designed to control position and speed at high torques in machine control applications and robotics. They are used to rotate objects at specific angles or distance and run through a servo mechanism and using either AC or DC power. Sophisticated servo motors use optical rotary encoders to measure output speed with motor speed controlled by a variable speed drive.

Whilst historically servo motors require a brand or model specific servo drive, such as Fanuc Alpha Drives; there are now a wide number of drives compatible with a variety of motors.

Servo drives and motors are manufactured by a wide range of companies. CNC Spares and Repairs are able to supply legacy parts to help ensure your production line remains efficient and operational from the following manufacturers - Norwin (Drives), GEC (Motors), Gettys (Drives and Motors), AEG (Motors), Bull (Motors), Yaskawa (Drives and Motors), Baumuller (Motors). Please see below for details of our current stock. Can't see your spare part listed? Give us a call to check availability as we have new stock arriving daily.

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